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Hey everyone! My name is Barrett Liebermann and I live in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts. My town is so small, it is barely recognizable on the map, but it is beautiful. The vibrant colors of the fall foliage are the most striking, but the warm summer nights spent eating ice cream and smiling at familiar faces is what makes my town so special to me. My favorite things to do are watching “Will & Grace,” hiking, cooking, swimming, searching for sunsets, and spending time with my brother Casey (in the photo from our trip to the Pyrenees last summer) and my two moms, Erica and Robin.  Although I do love my town and the people in it, I have always loved traveling. My mom, Erica, gave the travel bug to me when I was just a baby and since then we have been adventuring across the world together. I am so incredibly lucky and happy that I have been able to travel to beautiful places, try the delicious food, and immerse myself in the intricate and diverse cultures with my mom, but this will be my first time venturing out with a group of new people.

I immediately gravitated towards Peru, because when I was little I was fascinated with Incan culture. I did research projects on it and when I was in sixth grade, I made an entire Peruvian meal.  I love the rich and intricate history of the people of the Andes and when I think of being in the mountains there I just know I will feel that spirit.

Beyond that I am also so excited to travel with all of you and to get to know you, because I know I will create longlasting friendships. I can’t wait to meet all of you!