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Hi all, My name is Hayden and I’m from Atlanta, Georgia. I’m sorry for getting this out so late but I can’t wait for this trip. I am going into my senior year of high school and have been busy on the college search. For fun I enjoy hiking, rafting, skiing, and pretty much every other outdoor activity. On this trip I’m really looking forward to the trek around Apu Ausangate. I am also looking forward to the home-stays and to building connections with the families in Peru.

For the pre-course assignments, I found some really intriguing quotes in “Why we travel.” One of the quotes was “I tend to believe more abroad than I do at home.” This quote really speaks to me because I believe it is important to look beyond what happens in our daily lives and to go to a new place and not just be a tourist, but be a traveler. Another quote that I really liked was “many of us travel not in search of answers, but of better questions.” I liked this quote because I believe that the more we learn about something, the more we realize how little we know, and we become more humble people as a result.

I also read the article “Illegal Mining in the Amazon.” In this article I found it super interesting how much of a problem illegal mining is to not just the Peruvian Amazon, but the Amazon as a whole. I also liked how this article is a real world example of something that we can look into with our topic of environmental justice. I am interested to learn how due to the lack of policing, how any real change can be made.

Lastly, I read, “Climate Change could destroy his home in Peru. So he sued an energy company in Germany.” In this article I was intrigued by how large scale some of the impacts of climate change are on these communities. I also like how going along with environmental justice, there is a search for “Los responsables.” It was cool to see how even through the incredibly complex legal proceedings involving this case that justice may be served.

I am just now getting busy packing and getting all of my things in order. I believe that this will be an incredible experience that I am looking forward to sharing with all of you! See y’all soon.