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What’s up guys,

My name is Rodrigo. I’m 18 years old and I’m from Teresina, Brazil (yeah, there are not only americans in the group). Traveling to Senegal will be my first trip with Dragons, I’ve studied in Canada for some months, but now I will be much further from my comfort zone. I found Dragons when I was looking for a summer program, because I love new experiences and new things. I am quite nervous, because I am the only one who is not american. So, we might have cultural differences. Actually, I think this is a good thing, because we can learn more about all the cultures.

During my research, I was surprised by the landscapes, especially by the Lake Retba. This lake is PINK! Lake Retba is less than an hour away from Dakar. Lac Rose (as it is known by locals) has a high salt content, this attracted a saline bacteria called Dunaliella. The bacteria produces a red pigment that gives the pink color to the lake. Also, the bacteria is harmless to humans and swimming there is possible. Economically, the lake is important, because the locals extract the salt from the botton of the lake using their hands and use it, mainly, to preserve fish.

Looking forward to meet you all


PS: Please check out the article to see some pictures of the pink lake – “