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Hola estudiantes

The course is only three weeks away! We hope that you have been keeping up with all of the info posted to the Yak board. If you haven’t, please make sure that you do. There are many logistics that need to come together to allow us to have the deep, immersive experience that we seek. Also, we will be connecting with each of you over the phone sometime next week to see how our expectations are going and if we have any doubts about packing or anything else to get ready for our program.

With most of those practical details settled, we can focus on bigger questions. Sometimes people and lands can seem so distant from us in some ways, yet be very close to us in other ways. The Dragons experience intends to push you to question this paradox in a way that you may not have questioned it before. We want all of us to be the best global citizens that we can be.

This challenge underlies our first assignment for you all. Please read through the following questions and include your reflections as part of your introductions on the Yak board:

1) How are you connected to Peru from your home? Take some time to look around you with this inquiry in mind. Maybe you know someone from Peru. Maybe there is a Peruvian restaurant in your neighborhood. Maybe you have some Peruvian artwork in your house, a food that was imported or a good that was MADE IN PERU. Share your observations with us!

Once you have discovered this connection, we ask that you consider:

2) How did this element of Peruvian culture make its way to you? What did the journey look like, and what are your impressions or interpretations? Learn as much as you can about your home’s connection to the people and lands that will host us as guests for the summer, and most importantly teach us!

Given that Peru will be our home for 4 weeks, this fact inspires our third big question:

3) How do you feel connected to your home? Tell us a little bit about how you define your home and what makes you feel at home. Maybe you will share about the bed you are used to sleeping in, any place you can relax and feel safe, the taste of a certain food, or the hug of a loved one. Maybe you will define your home as planet earth! Why? Again, teach us.

And one more thing: include a photo to go along with your stories!

Nos vemos muy pronto!

Most sincerely,

Tus Instructores

*The pic was taken by Vanessa Luna in a last year summer incursion with Dragons to Ausangate mountain.