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Introducing our Focus of Inquiry: Building Bridges

We want to take this time to briefly introduce our Focus of Inquiry or what our adventure in Guatemala will be based upon. The instructor team has met and discussed our focus and we will share it now.

In today’s global landscape what role do borders play? How can we build bridges, or connections, between ourselves, our neighbors, and our planet?

Our intent for this journey is to form deeper connections to ourselves as individuals, the communities and people we come across, and with Mother Nature. Our focus of inquiry is “Bridging Borders: For ourselves, our neighbors, and the planet.” Why do these connections matter? How can we become better in tune with ourselves? How are we able to share, be with and understand our neighbors, especially our neighbors who are different from us in terms of culture and language? What is our relationship to the planet and what does a connection to it look like?

We are excited to explore all these questions and these issues in the context of Guatemala, a country that has had a difficult history with a recent civil war and who now struggles with corrupt governments, a country that is rich in resources but does not benefit economically from them, a country that has more than enough to feed itself yet has a malnutrition rate of over 60%, a country that has a majority indigenous population that is largely isolated from structures of power, a country that has many people who are connected to themselves, their communities, and to the Earth.

We are excited to invite you on this journey of exploring these concepts and others while unearthing the stories of who we are, who we engage with, and how Mother Nature is involved.

Please start thinking about these questions before we come together in the next week. In order to delve into these experiences we invite you to think about who you are and where you come from, what is your connection to your neighbors and to the Earth. After thinking about this we encourage you to listen to the following song by Calle 13 entitled Latinoamérica.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon! Abrazos,

Mónica, Randall y Raquel