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Hi everyone!

My name is Madeline and I’m 17 years old. I live near Chicago and I just finished my junior year. I’m beyond excited to be on this trip with you all!

As far as what I like to do, in school, I’m on the congressional debate and Model United Nations teams, and I also help to produce the literary magazine. Outside of school, I love playing the piano, pottery, and writing. I’d definitely be interested in learning more about Guatemalan pottery traditions and techniques! I also really enjoy learning languages, although I’ve only taken school classes so far. While definitely a challenge at times, I think it’s a unique and important way to connect with others and to engage with a skill that is otherwise so natural. Needless to say, I’m really looking forward to the opportunity for language immersion in (and beyond) the classroom.

I went to Costa Rica when I was in elementary school and have fond memories of it (specifically, some particularly high-quality watermelon juice), but I’m hoping that I can appreciate some of the more nuanced aspects of Central America now that I’m a bit older. I’m most looking forward to getting to know everyone and learning about some rich history and culture through the adventure of it all. I also definitely wouldn’t mind seeing a quetzal, because they just look so fun. Whatever happens, I think we’ll certainly have lots of exciting and memorable experiences together.

¡Hasta pronto!

Madeline 🙂