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A sadu sitting along the ghats of the Ganges River. Photo by Jen Goings, India Semester.


Hi everyone!

I am really sorry I couldn’t find a picture of just myself so here is one with me and my friends. I am the one in the middle, the one on the right is Lizbeth (who is going on the trip), and the one on the left is my friend Alexa. As for introductions, many of you know this but my name is Dechen Lama and I am from New York City. I was born and raised in New York so it really makes me a city girl at heart. I am one of the many rising junior girls. Some of my hobbies consist of playing sports (specifically tennis, basketball, and most recently lacrosse), listening to music, seeing to new places, bullet journaling, and just hanging out with my friends and family. I have a younger sister whose name is Tenzing, who is 10, and going into middle school soon! Last year I was on the China trip with Doc. D. and Mr. Shi, and prior to that, the only places I have been to were Mexico and Nepal. So, I have never been to India, but I am really excited to travel and learn more about it!

I know that the India trip is going to be very different from the China trip but I am really excited and look forward to it. I don’t think I really am attached to many material possessions. But, if I’m being honest, I might be a little attached to my phone. However, I am not really sure as I have never had it taken away from me for a long period of time. I only really don’t use it on camping trips, and even then I usually still have it with me to take pictures, so I have never had it completely taken away from me. I have to admit I am a little scared of having my phone taken away from me, only because it is my main source of keeping in touch with my friends and family. Nonetheless, I think that having it taken away from me will be good, and allow me to connect with my friends coming on the trip, and maybe even make some new friends along the way! I think that over the course of the trip, I will learn to value genuine connections with other people rather than just over the phone. With this trip, I think that having it taken away from me will be refreshing and allow me to become less dependent on it.

Looking forward to seeing everyone again and meeting some new people!

Dechen 🙂