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A sadu sitting along the ghats of the Ganges River. Photo by Jen Goings, India Semester.


I’m Anna and I’m one of the two rising seniors on this trip! I live on a small farm in Lompoc, California, about 3 hours north of LA. I have a 14 year old brother and an 11 year old sister. I’ve spent a lot of my life around animals and going to the beach. My hobbies mainly consist of artistic things like drawing, painting, photography, etc. I’ve done a lot of traveling and like Dechen, was also on the China trip last year.

What drives you to want to experience India? What aspect of Indian culture and/or community are you most interested in?

I’ve grown up in a pretty non-diverse community for most of my life (most people I know are white and Christian). I’m excited to learn more about Indian culture in general and see how their ways of life differ from my own. I also want to know about their relationship with religion and how much it impacts their day-to-day life.