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My name is Katherine, but I prefer to be called Rahv.  When you meet me I will just have recently turned 15. I used to live in New Jersey and Virginia, but I recently moved to Washington, DC. During the school year I go to a boarding school in Maryland called St. Timothy’s School. I just finished up my freshman year, which we call Three’s Year due to the British schooling System . I’m looking forward to moving up into my Fours year and spending more time with the friends I’ve made. When in not in the classroom or doing home work I can be found walking outside, reading a good book in my room, in my friends room’s, watching Netflix, or taking a day trip. I play Volleyball in the fall, Swim in the winter, and I recently took up Softball last Spring. When I return home I like to sleep, make food, and catch up on all the things that I missed.

My connection with Peru stems from my heritage. My family and I from a small country located above Peru called Ecuador. My great grandfather had indigenous roots. My last name happens to be Incan. I know a lot about South American culture, and look forward to being introduced to a possibly similar culture.

See You All Tomorrow ! – Rahv, 🙂

*This is me and my little sister in Key West, Florida