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Hello, my name is Miller and I am a Junior at the Ethical Culture Fieldston School in Riverdale. I’m super excited to meet all of you in person and get to know you guys better. I have been on previous outdoor camps such as this one but never for this long and I’m so excited to be spending an entire month in a beautiful place and enjoying the culture. Some things that I enjoy to do during my free time include playing baseball, fishing, and going swimming. Can’t wait to meet all of you!

My favorite quote from the ‘why we travel article was’: “…in traveling to a truly foreign place, we inevitably travel to moods and states of mind and hidden inward passages that we’d otherwise seldom have cause to visit.”

I read and was really interested in “Climate Change Could Destroy His Home In Peru. So He Sued An Energy Company In Germany.” I founded it horrifying that a single structural failure of a glacier, caused by global warming, could inflict that much pain in suffering. Water that was displaced by the glacier was sent over a dam and onto the city of Huaraz destroying a third of it and killing at least 1,800. I admired Luciano Lliuya’s courage to travel 6,500 miles away from a country he had never left and filed a lawsuit against a major company, I couldn’t even dream of doing something like that.

I also read: ‘How the Potato Changed the World’ and was captivated and stunned at the impact that one crop had on the world. I found it fascinating that the introduction of the potato into northern Europe almost entirely got rid of famine. Incredibly, the potato also brought about the worlds first intensive fertilizer: Peruvian guano. I also did not know that wild potatoes are laced with toxic compounds.

Sorry this was a bit late,

See you guys soon!