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Introduction and Pre-Course Assignment

Hello! I’m Lucie Diatta, a rising junior from Marshall, Michigan. I play soccer (badly), I fence, and I play lacrosse. I was born in the US but my mom is from Sierra Leone and my dad is from Senegal. I’m most excited about the food because… it’s food. I travel a lot but plane turbulence always gets me so I guess that’s what I’m nervous for. Some of my favorite trips have been to China, India, Turkey, and Cuba. I’m super excited for this trip with you all!!!

I learned about Youssou N’ Dour from my dad. Youssou N’ Dour is a Senegalese Mbalax musician. Mbalax music is very popular dance music in both Senegal and Gambia. It’s a mixture sabar which is a traditional style of Wolof drumming unique to Senegalese music, Congolese pop, and other music that resulted from African diaspora. Youssou was also Senegal’s Minister of Tourism in 2012-2013.

Here’s some of his music (it’s really good!)