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My name is Glenda Stoneman, and I am looking forward to sharing the trip with you.  I teach Canadian Geography, Environment and Resource Management, and Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology in Oakville, Canada.  These survey courses examine some of the themes of our course, in particular climate change and culture.   I am excited and curious to learn more about climate change and local communities.

My connection to global experiential learning is dated now, and I am looking forward to stepping outside of my comfort zone once again.  I lived in Southeast Asia for seven years starting in 1997, working at the Canadian High Commission, taking my teaching qualification, having my children and eventually accepting my first teaching position.  I also traveled to many of the countries in the region.  Upon returning to Canada and taking my current teaching position in 2005, I led several global experiential learning trips to countries such as South Africa, Zambia, India, Peru, and Argentina; travelling twice a year until 2009.  For the past ten years I have been travelling to national destinations as a coach of our Debate Team.

The quote that resonated the most with me was the reminder ‘that all travel is a two-way transaction.’  Iyer explores our responsibility to respect and not necessarily change the understanding that others may have of us if that would cause harm.  We are reminded that we are equally under scrutiny and that we make an impact on the cultures we interact with.