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Jacob Schorsch

Hi everyone,

My name is Jacob Schorsch, I live in Riverdale, New York, and I just finished 10th grade at The Horace Mann School. I’m looking forward to this trip because it combines many different aspects of my life into one four-week experience. I’m excited to live with native Peruvians, challenge myself physically, and improve my Spanish along the way, but I’m also looking forward to having the experiencing of a lifetime and make new connections with teenagers across the country.

As for myself, I’m an avid sports fan, and I’m on the varsity wrestling team at my school, the most grueling thing I’ve ever took part in. Not only is it incredibly demanding physically, it also challenges your mental toughness, something that has increased as a result. Other than that, I have four older siblings, enjoy doing musical theater, and playing sports. Can’t wait to meet you all soon in Miami.