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Just a week to go!!!

Keep those introduction posts coming! It is great to see your faces and hear a little more about you.

Jochen, Nicte and I are in the final preparation phase before our program begins. Jochen and I are camping this week in the mountains south of Mammoth Lakes, CA with the rest of the Dragons instructors from all over the world for our annual orientation. Meanwhile, Nicte has been with a few other Guatemalan instructors in Antigua covering lots of the same material. We have so many ideas about the course and can’t wait for it to start!

As you are finishing your packing for the course be sure to send us any questions that are coming up. I will be the person meeting you at the airport in Miami on the 28th and we will fly to Guatemala together. Jordan and Emily, keep an eye out for each other as it looks like you are on the same flight from La Guardia. Be sure you have reviewed your day of departure details for specifics on where to meet and what to bring. I arrive at the Wall of Honor no later than 12PM (noon) to gather the group together. Be sure to be there no later than 1PM. If your flight is arriving earlier than that, please be sure you stay in the airport, as there is no reason to leave for anything. There is  food available (try out one of the Cuban restaurants!) and lots of places to sit comfortably while you wait.

Just a week to go! Nos vemos pronto!