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Buddha once said, “it’s better to travel well than to arrive.” There were many hours of transit, security lines, layover, delays, and all the other logistics that come with traveling across the world with a group. Still, we traveled well and we arrived!

On the flight from LA to Beijing, many of us had an open seat next to us and some even had an entire row to themselves! It was difficult for us all to keep our eyes open at our layover in Beijing and when they announced our slight delay, most took advantage of the opportunity to stretch across chairs and take a quick nap.

Our flight from Beijing to Kunming went by fast and at last, we arrived! Bathrooms, bags, farewells to Group A, and finally being united with the rest of our group – we made it!

We couldn’t leave the airport without singing happy birthday to Sean and celebrating his special day and our arrival!  Although we were all tempted to dig into the cake right away, we will wait until we reach our orientation site!

Despite the jet lag, everyone is in good spirits and we are excited to begin our orientation at a permaculture guesthouse outside of Kunming.

To all the parents we met in LA, it was lovely meeting you!

Thank you all for beginning to follow along with our Yak posts. We are excited to share more in the coming days.