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Late night dancing

My home stay in Nanyao village was so incredible it would take to long to describe all of the wonderful experiences I had while a part of my homestay family. One moment in particular though describes the entire trip. That moment was during the last night of my homestay.

That night was full of laughter and smiles specifically from my 4 year old niece, who I called knuckle head. She was a bright light in the home and always had everyone laughing.

The last night we spent time playing together and after dinner we began to dance in the kitchen. I don’t know why but we just waltzed around the kitchen as though we were a part of some elaborate dance group. She held my hands low and danced around on my feet. We moved around the kitchen while the family watched with smiles from ear to ear. While dancing with my 4 year old crazy hyper niece I found a new love for my family. Calling them my family is exeactly right, they let me in as one of there own and put me to work just as if I had been there forever. They laughed at me, they laughed with me but between the awkward silences there was a sense of family.

I built a incredibly strong bond with my host family and it was while I waltzed around the kitchen with my niece did I truly realize it. It all came flooding in and it was hard to fight a tear. The thought that l might never seen this family again was to sad of one to understand so I decided that at some point in my life I would see them again. I am not sure when and I am not sure how but I know it will happen. When I see them again my nephew might be able to dance with my feet instead of on them.

Graham Webb