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Meknes to Azrou

The plan for today was to wake up at 06:45 am, and so we did. Syd, the Magana (alarm clock), promptly showed up at the boys’ room at the planned time. We showered, packed our bags, and were ready one hour after waking up.

Then, we had breakfast. We had three tables reserved for our group. The tables were divided as follows: trip leaders; girls, and boys. Not because we don’t mix well, we boys just got there a little late.
The breakfast was the classic Moroccan meal. A lot of different types of bread, and one specific flat and cornbread we had not tried yet. Besides that, we had pieces of baguette and the moulins, As expected, each of us had the choice between drinking coffee or tea (Philip had both). The orange juice – something I had not tried in Morocco yet – was served to all of us.
Once we were done with breakfast, we went to the second floor of the colorful and detailed Riad we were in. All of us gathered in a room to do our check-in. Mikkel, the leader of the day, led the basic check-in and asked us what we were most excited about regarding our host families. Each of the students revealed their expectations and the teachers revealed excitement about Azrou, our next destination. Then, Shino finally told the group of students what the host families were like. All the students showed excitement, principally Birney, Hannah and Syd, who will be in an all-female house with many host sisters and one young host brother.
Badr, our Moroccan instructor and friend, led the daily Arabic lesson. This one, with a bigger emphasis on stretching the dialogue with our host families before saying mtsrfin – nice to meet you. Now, we can ask how old someone is and the state they are from. Moreover, we can now count from 1 to 10.
After our Arabic lesson, we did the final pack-up, and Hadley (the Shettaba) made sure we left the Riad as clean as possible. Then, we walked to the grand station of taxis in Meknes, and departed on a beautiful trip to Azrou. The narrowness of Meknes contrasted with the many hills and wide roads of Azrou. Upon arriving at Azrou, we soon met our host families and the next student post will have lots more details.

Joao, Mikkel and Philip – Group 1, after lunch with their host family.


Hadley and Esha – Group 2, after lunch with their host family.


Birney, Hannah, and Sydney – Group 3, after lunch with their host family.