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My Introduction


My name’s Stella Anderson. I just finished my freshman year of high school at the Dalton School in New York City.

I love to play all sports, but my favorites are soccer in the fall and softball in the spring. I also play the piano and can, but not well, play the ukulele. I’ve taken Spanish for about 7 years, but my classes have only become more demanding in the last few years.

I love traveling, and am particularly enthusiastic about this opportunity because I have never been to Guatemala. I have not been to a Spanish-speaking country since I was little, and am excited to utilize and improve my oral Spanish. I’ve never done any intense hiking or trekking, but my family and I go on a couple day hikes every year and my Dad and I ski quite often in the winter (he’s the guy in the picture.)

My maternal grandparents immigrated to the United States from Hungary due to the Hungarian Revolution when they were teenagers. It’s become a family tradition for my grandma to take all the grandchildren to Hungary as their bar/bat mitzvah gift.

If I was a plant, I’d be mint because it’s very versatile and smells and tastes so good.

I’m so excited to meet you all in 10 days!