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Nanyaocun homestay

June 16 was our arrival into the Nanyao village. Some host families from the village came and picked us up in vans from the train station and took us to breakfast. After our breakfast, we were taken to the village where we met our host families. My host mom and her nephew came and picked me up from the main house and she took me to her home. I met my host father, uncle, brother, cousin, aunt, and Nanna. It instantly felt welcome and new I would love spending time with them. The baby that came with my step mom was at first shy, but as time passed he began to open up and play with me. After and a couple of hours of throwing a basketball back in forth, throwing him into the air and catching him, and being attacked, we sat down for dinner. My mom continued to ask questions using a translator app on her phone and I really felt included in the conversation they were having at the table. Dinner was amazing! After dinner my host father invited me into the tv room where we showed pictures of our families.  While scrolling through my phone, he caught a glimpse of a picture of me fishing. We talked about fishing for a long amount of time and he showed me some of the crawfish he caught. He invited me to go crawfishing the next day. I ended the day by playing with the baby a little bit more and when he left I went to bed. I couldn’t have asked for a better host family.