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Naxi homestay

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Nanyao village with my home stay family. I felt that I was of great help to them, and I feel that I came to understand their culture more than I already been briefed on. Our instructors has warned us that the Naxi people would be incredibly kind and hospitable, since in their culture, the guest is the most important person in the house. As expected, they were right. Thus, to get myself out of my comfort zone(the entire reason I went), I needed to stand my ground and serve them, instead of them serving me. This took form in many ways. For example, my incredibly awesome home stay sister said I didn’t need to go work in the fields with her mother, that I should go play with my friends instead. I explained to her that I wasn’t there to play with friends, but to experience life in Nanyao village. In addition, I was told I would need to serve them food at dinner, instead of them serving me. To my surprise, that ended up going quite well. I really feel like a got a lot out of my time in Nanyao and that it wasn’t a wasted trip. Learning about their culture and way of life allowed me to appreciate my own and admire theirs.