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Naxi homestay

We drove up those narrow roads that would make your stomach drop at every turn. Arriving at the base house where the teachers would be staying, we met a member of our host family to show us where we would be staying. An old man, with a cigarette resting between his lips was my host grandpa. He wasn’t exactly what I had pictured in my mind but I was eager to get to know him. The first day was long. I didn’t see any of my friends and my house was empty. The nights were even longer due to the rock hard bed I was given. Throughout the days I was working on the fields, washing dishes, or adventuring through the village. I would only see my host mother in the morning and at night when she made breakfast and dinner. My mother was a field worker and my father worked with the horses. The communication with them was extremely difficult seeing how neither of us spoke each other’s languages. We attempted using google translate but there was a lot of miscommunication within the app.

My family was beyond nice asking me if I was okay and feeding me until i was so full i couldn’t move. A few of us walked around the village asking where we could pump up the flat basketball. We acted it out to many people and we finally were able to get a pump from someone. Leaving was quite bittersweet. The people in the village were so nice and welcoming. Everyone knew everyone and when you stopped by a friends house, they would feed you as if you were their own child. The last day was a sad day. Although we were only with the family for 3 days, there was a special connection and I will never forget that family.