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Naxi homestay

My experience in the Nanyao village was absolutely incredible. The connection I had with my host grandmother was something special. When I first arrived at her house, I attempted to ask where I could go use the bathroom. However, she thought the way I pronounced Chinese words was hilarious. I figured out where the bathroom was about two hours later. Seeing her work around the house and provide meals for me and my host brother was amazing to me. She is about seventy years old and for her to be practically running a household everyday is astonishing. My host brother was about two or three years old. The only things he knew how to say in English were hello or bye bye. We played games with each other every day. One of my favorite memories with him would have to be him trying to hit me with the fly swatter. I would dodge him every time and each time he thought it was the funniest thing. Our form of communication with each other consisted of motioning things out and Google Translate. However, the times where we connected the best were when one of us smiled or laughed at something. My host grandmother was hesistant to let me help at first, but after awhile I forced my way into helping her out. Some of the things I liked about the village were the gorgeous views and how peaceful and nice the people were. Everyone seemed accepting of us coming into their homes. Through this experience, I learned you can form a deep connection with someone without ever speaking to them. I loved every second I was with my homestay family and in the Nanyao village. This was truly an experience of a lifetime.