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Open Doors

There is one minute aspect about this village that has had a tremendous impact on the day to day life of me and my fellow students in the village. That detail is the open doors and the lack of phones. Due to the fact that most of us have the inability to text each other when we want to hang out we simply walk down the street then walk right into the house and shout Nǐ hǎo and if the person you are looking for is home the host family points to where they are. I know this might sound like a insignificant thing but it has really had a large impact on us. In a time period where everything is planned it is nice to just walk down the street and see if someone is home. You don’t have to text them to see if they can you don’t have to call, you can just walk in the front door and see what’s going on.

There is a second part to the no phone ideology that has also come into play, and that is the lacking of check up texting. Before mobile phones when you left the house that was it. There were no check up texts, no where are you calls, just be back by 7 pm for dinner. That is exactly how we are living now and it is beautiful. Although we maybe all walking through out the town when, 7 roles around we all know it is time for dinner and we go our separate ways. This drastic change has left us all wishing for more time without our cellphones. These phones offer many great things but they have come to bear down on us recently and this trip has presented a much needed break for the constant buzzing in our pockets. This type of life is one built around trust. Trust that you are going where you say and trust that you will be back when you are needed. A trust that is necessary when you are apart of a family. The trust that does away with the iphone trackers and the where are you calls just have trust in the fact that they will try there hardest to be back when they were told to.

We have truly come to appreciate this old way of finding your friends and wish to continue it when we get home. It’s a great reminder of a simpler time befor the hustle and bustle of moder day came about. With any luck we will be able to incorporate this into our lives at home, so parents get ready because we are about to kick it old school.

The Chinese Exchange Crew.