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Pre-course assignment

Hola a Todos! Greetings to All! Alan and Stephen here again with a few requests of you as you prepare for your respective journeys to Cochabamba. Please remember that you are more than welcome to reach out to us or Simon or Liz with any questions as you begin to think about packing, departure, the unknowns on our collective horizon and so forth.


So we have just about 20 day before we will all meet up and over that period, we’d like to ask the following of you all:


  1. Please say hello on our Yak Board, we will be using it throughout the course and it will be good for you to be familiar with the platform going in to the course. Plus we want to get to know you all a little better!
  2. Please prepare a short (5-7 minute) presentation about yourself, your work, your students, your accomplishments, your interests in the key topics of the course, etc.).  We won’t have a projector but you can bring photos, props, etc.
  3. With the time you have available, read up on Bolivian history, current events, popular culture, etc. There are a lot of suggestions in the google drive folder and the course reader, you can set up a news alert with Bolivia as your topic/search term, you can look for YouTube videos from Bolivia….it’s up to you but it is a dynamic, diverse country and in both good and bad ways has been a key country in relation to humanity’s relationship with the planet’s and, today, climate change, as you will learn all about!
  4. Contemplate a small ISP (independent study project) that you would like to explore during the course. ISPs are one of the 9 “program components” of Dragons Student programming core curriculum, and while we don’t have much time, it should be enough for you to prepare, as we will ask of you, a 15 minute lesson or discussion on your chosen topic during Transference (the last 2.5 days of the course). We will give you more parameters during Orientation, for the time being just enjoy the process of focusing on a topic of interest to you and your audiences at home/school.


Finally, a reminder that we have one more collective call on Tuesday, June 18 at 8:00pm. Simon will send details on how to connect, in the meantime, Felices Preparaciones!


Stephen & Alan