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Our Stance on Tech – Present Moment, Happy Moment

Greetings friends…

As we approach our departure date, we encourage you to recognize that our journey has in many ways already begun, and in fact began the moment you initiated interest in taking the courageous leap into expanding your understanding of the world. Therefore, we invite you to embrace the place in which you are now as an important extension of our time together.

In a world where we are bombarded with news and social media, we encouraged you to begin stepping away from your usual routines now, and instead, listen primarily to the whispering of your heart, orchestrate your time by the sound of birds, the sweet voice of your mother, and even the sadness and grief held deep within you that is so easily and oftentimes paved over by the power of Facebook and Instagram. It all means something and has enormous value. Listen deeply. Pay attention…

During our four weeks together, we will not be using our phones (except the instructors for emergencies which will always be available should need arise). So plan now to detach from the electronically-addicted world we know all too well and allow your senses to remould to the natural rhythms ever present yet so often forgotten and overlooked that will soon welcome us fully upon our arrival to Myanmar.

Where There Be Dragons values the ancient traditions of navigation and communication that are rapidly being lost to a cyber obsessed world of GPSs and texting style instant gratification.

For many of you, this may be the only time where you are able to spend significant time away from phones, video games, social media and the like. You are lucky. These opportunities are increasingly rare.

If you have any concerns regarding any of this, please feel free to post your observations, questions, thoughts, etc. right here on our Yak board. No doubt others here hold similar enquiries and we all benefit from each other stepping out.

This Yak board will serve as our main means for communication and sharing and we invite all of you to share on here as much as you like beginning now. Introduce yourselves here, share your feeling as we begin our planning for departure. Your instructors will be checking in here frequently and will be responding to your insights as we are able.

The Yak board will be the main source of communicating with your friends and family once we are in Myanmar as well. We will make occasional and appropriate space for “yakking” and you will always be able to connect with family in case of emergency.

As you begin limiting your time spent with electronics, we also encourage you to begin writing more, keep a journal, sit alone and in silence more often, observe your breathing more deliberately and simply be present more frequently, without distractions.

We are so happy you are here with us, and look forward to hearing from you soon.