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Preséntate – Introduce Yourself

Hola Dragones,

Happy June!! We’re getting closer to starting our journey in Bolivia and we want to make sure you’re feeling prepared and ready to begin your travels. Your instructors will be calling each of you in the coming weeks to check in about the course, answer any questions you may have, and just get to know you better.

Bolivia is a complex country representing a myriad of cultures, identities, ecosystems, and beliefs. In our four weeks, we will just begin to understand this incredible place. We hope you will take the lessons you learn to heart, and begin to see this rural and  Indigenous country as an integral member of our global community. So let’s begin!!

We see a couple of you have already reached out to introduce yourselves on the Yak Board. That’s great! That’s exactly what the Yak Board is for. We would like to invite all of you to do the same, and this time, with a little bit extra. Here’s what we would like you to do:

Part 1: Introduce yourself!

We’d love to know who you are. You can tell us things like  where you come from, if you have a cat or a dog, what’s your favorite flavor of ice cream, if you were stuck on an island and you only had one book…., what makes you tick? Really anything you’d like to tell us about yourself!

Part 2: Why do you travel?

We thank you for joining this Where There Be Dragons course. There are many other ways to see Bolivia and the world but you are looking for a deeper and more meaningful experience. Please take a moment to read through this article by Pico Iyer, Why We Travel. We will discuss this briefly in the first few days of the course to understand our motivations, goals, and the impact of our travel. This article may also be a great source of motivation for you to begin your introduction.

After reading the article, consider this question: what is one quote that sticks out to you from the article, and why?

Part 3: A quick read about Bolivia

We will be diving into subjects such as land and natural resources, identity, family, community, Bolivian politics, and much more. If you don’t know much about Bolivia yet, no worries! Here are a few resources to give you a framework for some of the conversations we will be diving into.

Choose one of the following options to read. Consider the following questions while you review your article. We will discuss these resources more during the course.

  1. What sticks out to you?
  2. What are you confused about? What do you have questions about?
  3. What more do you hope to learn about this topic while in Bolivia?

The Environment / La Naturaleza

Social Movements / Movimientos Sociales

Politics / Las Políticas

Identity and Culture / La Identidad y La Cultura

Part 4: Enjoy some entertainment! These are great resources to get a better idea of Bolivia.

This is not required but a fun way to learn about the areas we will be visiting.  

Hollywood Productions and Documentaries 

  • También la lluvia (Even the Rain) – Available on Netflix
  • Los diarios de motocicleta (The Motorcycle Diaries)
  • Our Brand is Crisis
  • Salero (Salt-gatherer)

Music Videos

If you’re on a roll and have already read and watched all of these, have a look at the course preparation manual for a list of additional resources.

Abrazos (hugs),

Your Bolivia Instructor Team