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R2: Bug Huts

Way to use the yak board to share tips, Jenna and Arli!

Students have been reaching out about the bug hut. Some have asked about using a tent that they already own. Others, like Jenna, have shared frustrations with the Mombasa bug hut.

Please do check your bug hut or tent before course. Put it together and get comfortable with it.

Arli shared the Samsbug bug hut – Amazon link here. Students that have used this one in the past have purchased rope in country (less than $10) or brought additional straps to then tie it on to the front of their pack during the trek.

When purchasing a bug hut, or deciding to use a tent, look for:

– A hard bottom to protect against tearing and ground bugs.

– Good air flow for the heat (it’s still warm at night!). Mesh is much preferable to a hard shell that you might have on some tents.

– A reasonable size. It should be able to fit on a twin or queen-size mattress for homestays or hotels where you might not have a mosquito net provided. It should also not be too heavy or bulky.

– Packable. We will be trekking with our bug huts, and so you should think about how it will fit in or on your pack while maintaining your pack’s balance.