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Rabat – A Day of History and Culture

After eating breakfast on the rooftop of the hotel, with a view of the ocean, our group quickly departed to meet something new; our day had tons of culture. 

We went to the Chellah, a place where we got to see Roman ruins. Paraphrasing Badr, “It is good when we cross the line of fairy tales and get to see history in real life.” Since we are close to the end of our program, we spent some time to reflect upon our trip. We wrote about things we saw, we experienced, and learned.

After seeing the Roman ruins, we made a transition to modernity. Our group went to the Musée Mohammed VI – Art Moderne & contemporain. There, we saw three expositions. The expositions were called “Couleurs de L’Impressionisme”, “Lumières D’Afrique” and the works of “Hassan El Glaoui”. Following the expositions, we spend some time to buy art in the Museum’s store.

Our group then departed to the “Musée de L’Histoire Et Des Civilisations”, which is an anthropology museum. There, we saw sculptures and artifacts of the Moroccan people preceding the conquest by the Romans. We also saw artifacts from the Roman times.

After lunch, we went to the current king’s eventual Mausoleum, which was extremely beautiful. We took many pictures and had Syd and Badr’s “5 minutes of fame”.

We then departed to Badr’s apartment and had Chai tea. We used Rabat’s tramway to get there.

We had dinner in a fancy restaurant and went to a famous music festival in Rabat. After that, we had to bid farewell to our instructor and friend Badr.