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Photo by Grace Powell, South America Semester.

Rachel’s & Logan’s Yaks

Hey family! This is Rachel. Feels like forever since I’ve last communicated with y’all! I feel like I have already grown a lot spiritually, mentally, hopefully not too much physically… lol. I learned that here in Bolivia, almost every meal consists of soup and potatoes… I’m really craving some fried chicken right about now lol! I’ve tried to keep an open mind in terms of the food choices… and it is definitely safe to say that nothing beats your home cooked meals mama. The people are very nice here and patient with me as I try to speak Spanish. A few nights ago, in Sucre, Eric and I caught a recap of game two of the NBA finals when the Warriors beat the Rockets. The man that let us watch with him was so confused as to why we were so excited about the second game. Little did he know, that was our first personal interaction with tv in a week. Y’all will also be proud to hear that I have been reading before going to bed… and enjoying it! Lol! (Sorry for all the “LOL”s… I can’t exactly use emojis right now). Dad, the jump rope you gave me was too small :/ I tried to use it, but put it deep in my bag after continuing to get hit in the head and ankles with the leather rope. I have been running short distances when I can to make up for the lack of fitness, but it is very difficult when we are constantly on the move from city to city. But don’t worry… I’ll be ready for action when I get home! I have been journaling so that I will remember every detail to share my positive experience with you! I love and miss you guys like crazy! See y’all soon! Oh and I also got some souvenirs 😉 LOVE, RAY PAY


Hey Jackson Family,

I miss you guys so so so much! I cant wait to see you guys soon. I have learned so much here in Bolivia. I will definitely return with a changed point of view. Mom and Dad, even to hear your voicemails would mean the world to me but i know God’s got you all, and that you guys are safe. I have eaten so many different types of foods you wouldn’t even believe it. Like if i eat one more potato i might lose my mind. And when we get home, no soup for a whole month!!! I cant wait to tell you all about my time here in Bolivia and FYI go ahead and prepare yourselves for the intense amount of hugging and kissing and crying your about to get at the airport! Love and miss my rockstars!!!