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Reflections on reading

I read “llegal mining in the Amazon” and the article “Climate Change Could Destroy His Home in Peru.”

I find both of these articles very interesting, mainly because they share a similar theme of livelihood. It’s incredible(in a terrible and unfortunate way) that a corporate company’s actions can have a global impact. How can such companies act so irresponsibly without consequential action? What other problems has this company caused? And why didn’t it take a man across the world to speak up against this company? It blows my mind that just 90 companies have not only been responsible for climate change, but walked away from it with a large profit margin. I wonder what would happen if those companies were to actively work to combat the change they’ve created?

Alrhough illegal mining may be the only solution for a family trying to make an income, it is a solution that has affected much more than just the area mined. Mining, in general causes a number of problems, a few of which being pollution to the land and water surrounding, poisoning of the local animals which results in contaminated food, and damage to fragile ecosystems surrounding the area. Although these problems are different than those of the people of  Huarez, they still have a large affect on the livelihood of the people in the surrounding areas.