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We participated in a lot of activities today, but they primarily centered around the idea of respect; which I think is definitely something that we are very good about in America, but everything is totally different in China. In visiting the Buddhist temple we learned a few cultural norms, which we were able to apply to our travels. Our instructors taught us not to point our feet at the Buddha or an image of it, because that shows disrespect within the culture. We also made connections between both Buddhism and Christianity, which really showed us that religion revolves around respect and really just being the best person that one can be. Within our further orientation we really hammered down our top priorities in working as a group, which most people agreed on respecting others and allowing people to make real connections amongst each other, rather than judging based on preconceived notions from school. Respect also contributes to the ideas in martial arts. Before sparring one must bow to his opponent to show respect. We are really trying to focus on being travelers, and I think the first thing that makes a good traveler is adaptation to surroundings, and respect of the environment and the culture. I really appreciated the refresher on our 9th grade world cultures course, and I enjoyed all of the activities and discussions we had today.