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Scavenger Hunt

For the scavenger hunt, Jack, Sidney, and I traveled all around Kunming. First, we wanted to find a map, so we went to the Green Lake Hotel and asked a receptionist, whose name was Vicki, to give us a map and point out some of the locations we needed to find. We named our team, “队Vicki” or “Team Vicki”, because she was such a great help for our hunt. After we left, we took the map and asked some of the locals to point us to the Confucian Temple, which was our first stop. Along the way, we bought a singular mangosteen which was pretty expensive, but it tasted very good. It was juicy, sweet, and sort of tasted like a green apple. Once we got to the Confucian temple, we watched the locals playing chess, socializing, eating lunch, and worshipping the temple along with some tourists taking pictures. We also spent an hour looking for a place to eat and failed almost 5 times, but we did explore an ancient Chinese medicine shop and found an ancient remedy for cough. At the end, we ate some lunch and finished by having Jack have his hair washed at the barber’s shop. In all, we did 15 out of the 20 objectives.