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Science Teacher

As I write this, it is the end of the school year and my colleagues and I are happily exhausted from the trips, projects, and festivities. The quote,“And even as the world seems to grow more exhausted, our travels do not” resonated with me. I am looking forward to re-charging this summer, gaining inspiration from fellow educators, and connecting with new places.  I’m Carly and I teach Science and Enrichment in Ashford, CT.


My connection to global learning began at fifteen when I participated in BuildOn (a nonprofit that empowers urban youth through international community service) and helped to build a school in Mali. After seeing how access to schools can change communities, I continued to pursue education.


Now, as a teacher, I try to develop low cost and accessible opportunities for my students to collaborate globally. For example, last week, thanks to a grant for National Geographic, I took some of my students to Bermuda. They built an underwater robot to collect LionFish eDNA samples and map invasive fish populations related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 14. Before the trip, they virtually collaborated with students in Detroit and Bermuda and then they all worked together to collect eDNA and create a digital map while in Bermuda. This week we are hosting twenty German students who we visited in November while working on sustainable development projects. Our school district had never had an international collaboration before this year and now we have two low cost or free experiences for our students. But since international collaborations are completely new in our district, I have a lot to learn and I am very excited to increase my global competency in Bolivia this summer.