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Some FAQs

Hello travellers!

We hope that you are feeling excited as the day of departure comes closer! As always, a lot of questions come up during this time and we wanted to share responses to a few questions we received recently.

If you have any other queries please post them directly on to the Yak board so that everyone can see our responses.

See you all soon!

Uttara, Alena and Hemant

Should I bring hiking poles?

If you already have hiking poles and are more comfortable using them while trekking, please bring them! While it is possible to buy hiking poles in country, they might not be the best quality if that is a priority to you.

What is the ideal backpack size?

We recommend that you bring a backpack that is between 65 and 80 litres. The packing list that you received gives a very good idea of what you will need for the 4 weeks and we recommend that you follow it!

Can I bring my phone to listen to music on the plane ride to India?

Yes. You can bring your phone to listen to music on the plane, but instructors will take all electronics once you arrive in country. You will only receive your phone when the course is over. We will hold on to your electronics during course, but cannot take responsibility for any damage to devices during the trip.