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Some packing tips and getting to know each other

Hola a todas y a todos,

Randall and Raquel are in the middle of our instructor orientation in the Sierra Mountains of California. Mónica is in Guatemala with three of our local instructors that were unable to get visas to go to the USA (a product of our times and an issue we will certainly talk about on course). We are getting excited to meet all of you in almost a week and hope you all are just as excited!

Please keep your questions coming and connect with one of your instructors when you are able before Raquel meets you at the airport in Miami on the 28th. We believe we have connected with most of you but there are still some of you who we are trying to coordinate to talk to.

Emmet had a question about packing so we will answer it here. In terms of shoes for the trek it would be a good idea to bring trek-specific shoes because we will be doing a trek that has some rocky terrain and we might encounter rain as well. The hiking shoes don’t have to be waterproof necessarily but some good ankle and foot support in general is key and something you feel comfortable walking on uneven terrain for the entire day. We have a beautiful three day trek planned that will involve lots of walking for the entire time so it’s important that you feel comfortable in your shoes! In addition to this we have planned a day hike during our first homestay in San Juan in which you will be able to try out how you are feeling and some mountainous terrain to boot.

In terms of gifts for your homestay families it’s up to you if you would like to bring something or not. We will be in two different homestays: 7 days in San Juan and 5 days in Nebaj. Some good things to bring are activities you can do with your family. For example if you want to bring your favorite game along to play or some coloring books to color or some pictures of your family to show where you come from that would be excellent! You can bring something that will stay behind as a gift to your family or just an activity you can do together.

Eso es todo por ahora!! Hasta pronto y un abrazo,

Mónica, Raquel y Randall

p.s. The picture is our view in our campsite by Bishop, California in the Sierra Nevada mountain range.