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Haiya! My name is Julia Hallin, and I am absolutely thrilled to be partaking in our upcoming trip(I cannot believe that it is only two days away…)! My dad is from Southern California and my mum is from the islands outside of Stockholm, Sweden. I grew up in Los Angeles, but am now living in St Andrews(a small town on the Eastern coast of Scotland) as I just finished my first year of Uni. I am currently studying a mixture of Spanish and Social Anthropology, the latter further inspiring me to want to explore and understand our vast globe as much as possible in the finite amount of time that is a human life. In high school, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a NOLS course to Mt. Baker in Washington state, as well as a PeaceWorks programme to Cambodia. It was there that my passion for travelling, the outdoors, and seeing the world through different lenses truly flourished.

At Uni I am part of the Archery and Creative Writing societies as well as Medieval Reenactment and Theatre. In addition, I am beginning to learn how to blacksmith and forge weapons. In my free time, I like to paint and (try to 😉 ) write music.

Anything not of modern or ‘real’ times, from Viking weaponry and 1790s clothing to Pirates of the Caribbean and the Hobbit will make me utterly weep…as well as, apparently, the latest Lion King trailer…

In most situations, you will likely find me in an armoury, a dark antique shop, or quietly reading high up hidden among the leaves of a tree.

Also yo Chains — no need to feel guilty; I ADORE mythology and fantasy too! 🙂


I believe sustainability means living presently in a way that respects and protects the integrity of the environment as well as does not compromise the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. While the idea of climate change is growing more prominent, many individuals live with the mindset that “I am just one person; it doesn’t make a difference if I take a long shower”. I believe that it is mentalities such as these that must be altered and left behind in favour of a global rally to change our lifestyles and to cease to turn a blind eye to the abuse to which we subject our planet.

I cannot wait to meet you all!