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Student Intro

Hi, my name is Dillon and I just realized that I have not introduced myself yet even though I will be meeting most of you in a few hours! I have lived in San Francisco my entire life with my twin sister, older sister, and a collection of cousins and aunts who cycle through my house on a regular basis. I have been raised in an environment where there is a constant flow of strangers and friends staying with my family and me, which has translated into a palpable love of people. I am driven by a desire to learn about the varied mentalities of distinct individuals and communities. This has led me to find active ways to expand my understanding of the world through backpacking, traveling, and aiming to learn from those I surround myself with. When I do not have the opportunity to leave the city, I am always with those I love and those who love to stay active. I never know what each day entails, yet I often find myself exploring new neighborhoods of San Francisco, hiking in the Marin Headlands, playing volleyball, or taking a road trip around California. When I heard of this North India trip I was immediately drawn to the trekking and homestays which were articulated in the brief description and I knew that I had to apply. I am so excited to learn more about Ladakh and meet all of you in a hot minute.

To answer the question posed by our instructors; to me, sustainability is being able to provide for oneself through communal or personal means. After reading Ancient Futures I learned that being able to sustain oneself cannot be defined by outsiders due to the fact that personal success and happiness can only be measured by the individual who it affects. I do not think that there is a single definition for this term as it is defined by the lives of each individual.