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Student Intro: Diego

Hey everyone!

My name is Diego Gordon, I am from Tahoe City, California, but I attend a boarding school in a small town in Northwest Indiana. I  am a rising senior and I row year round. Growing up in the Sierras, I have developed a passion for backpacking, hiking and appreciating nature. One of my goals in life is to travel to as many places as I can and immerse myself  into different cultures to be able to learn from them. Last year in the spring through a school program I traveled to Tanzania and absolutely loved the culture and the people there. One of the people I went on the trip with attended this same Dragons program last summer, and after going, he highly recommended it to me. I am super stoked to meet everyone, do some incredible trekking and be able to learn about the North Indian culture.

To me, sustainability means living a lifestyle that can be continued into our future with little to no environmental or social issues. In other words, we should live a lifestyle now that does not affect anything and will not affect anything in the future. Similar to Dmitri, I went Vegetarian this year in light of sustainability as well as a way to improve training for rowing. I believe sustainability is a very prevalent topic in today’s world and am excited that it is a part of our trip.

Can’t wait to meet everyone and embark on this trip!