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Student Intro – Kierthan

Hi Everyone!

I’m Kierthan, and I’m a rising senior from Carlisle, Massachusetts. I am really excited for this trip! I initially signed up because I’ve always loved backpacking (I’ve done it since I was a kid with my family), but as I read more about the course, I also became really excited for the homestays and cultural immersion. Last year I did a NOLS course in the Wind River Range which I loved, so I wanted to do something even more adventurous. At my school, I run cross country and track year round, as well as play the cello and do theatre.

To me, sustainability asks the question “How can we ensure that the help we give developing countries does not disappear when we leave”. That is, will the government that we set up or the health programs that we put in place crumble when there are no foreigners to watch over it? I think that sustainability is the first step toward ensuring that people all across the world have the quality of life that they deserve.

I look forward to meeting everyone!’