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Student Intro: Ronan

Hey guys! I’m Ronan and I’m really excited about this trip! I have a Japanese father, an Irish mother and a younger brother in middle school. I live in Tokyo right now and I’m a rising sophomore at the American School in Japan. I have lived in Japan since I was born, but moved to India when I was 10 because of my dad’s job. I lived in Gurgaon until I was 14 and went to the American Embassy School in New Delhi. During those four years I immersed myself in many different aspects of Indian culture by traveling around the country with my family and friends. That helped me to realize that traveling teaches you new things about people, whether it’s through the culture you experience or the memories you make with your travel mates. I moved back to Japan last summer and have been missing India, and all those travel adventures, ever since. I was excited to hear about WTBD at my school and thrilled when I found out that my application to the North India program was successful!

To me, sustainability is about doing even the smallest action to help towards solving a larger problem. Sustainability affects an individual and the larger population’s social, economic, and environmental realities so it’s challenging to come up with solutions that will benefit all three factors in a balanced way. This is why I believe the greatest issue regarding sustainability is not caring enough about it to take that first small step. Many people of my age around the world would say that they care about global problems. However they aren’t actually helping to do anything concrete about them because they are too distracted by their devices and therefore cannot see that the solution really begins with us.