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Student Introduction

Hello everyone!

My name is Benjamin, and I just finished my Junior year of High School about a week ago. I’m from Northampton, a small college town in Western MA, but I’m writing this from Cape Cod where I’m staying for a week with my Mom, Dad, and dog Moki. At my high school I run cross-country in the fall, ski in the winter, and play ultimate frisbee in the spring. I love the outdoors, and I’ve grown up hiking around New England, although the summer after 9th grade I was able to go hiking and skiing in the Swiss Alps with my ski team. Recently, as school has been winding down, I’ve started reading more for fun, hanging out with friends, and playing ping-pong and chess. I learned about Dragons from a friend, who did a trip in Bolivia last summer, and had a life-changing experience. I’ve heard amazing things about the culture and geography of India and more specifically Ladakh from friends and family, which is one of the reasons I was drawn to this particular trip.

To me, sustainability simply means being mindful of the world and how our decisions affect it. I think this can be difficult, because the impacts of our actions are not always readily apparent, so I think it is important to look outside of the box, per say, and be sure that what we do will perpetuate a sustainable future. I think that there is often a sense of “environmental despair,” since the media as a whole often focuses on the negative side of things, which is important for us to overcome. As such, I think it is important not to lose hope, and to continue to be mindful of the impacts of our choices.

I’m looking forward to meeting you all!