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Student Introduction: Andrew Huo

Hi everyone, my name is Andrew Huo and I am 17 years old. I have lived in London for basically my entire life, but now I currently go to Groton School, MA. Both my parents are Chinese, born in Beijing, and then moved to America for graduate school. Living in London meant that I grew up very westernized, and I don’t even speak Mandarin (I can just about understand what my parents are saying). I am not very in tune with my heritage so I thought that this program would help me understand both the language and culture of my ethnicity.

I am very interested in psychology and I am also a very self-reflective person. I definitely want to pursue a profession where I can help others achieve their goals by allowing them to understand more of how their minds work. Aside from that, I enjoy leisurely playing squash and tennis, and I love getting to know new people.

The first photo is me and a friend of mine; the second photo is of my brother and me at Thanksgiving (I am on the right in both photos).