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Student Introductions!

Hello fellow travellers!

We hope that you have been getting as excited as we have for our summer together. We will be in touch with each of you shortly so we can have a chat on the phone and begin to get to know each other.

We will be posting our tentative itinerary and some other informative yaks shortly and we hope these will be helpful to you all.

As we begin the process of getting to know you and you us, we want to invite each of you to post an introduction to the yak board. The instructors already have and you can read Hemant’s, Alena’s and Uttara’s.

Please post a photo and tell us a little about yourselves! Additionally, we would love if you could answer the question: What does sustainability mean to you? We are spending the summer in Ladakh, a place that is ecologically fragile, developing rapidly and rich in tradition and history. While one month is not long enough for us to understand the region entirely, it is a marvellous start and we hope you will join us in challenging ourselves to engage deeply. Let’s start with this question and see where it takes us!

The three of us are so looking forward to reading your introductions, chatting with you on the phone and spending 4 lovely weeks with you all!

As always, please post any questions you might have on the yak board, or if you have more personal concerns, to us directly. You can find our individual email addresses on our instructor introductions.

Looking forward,

Alena, Hemant and Uttara