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Student Updates – From Teachers

It is our last night in Azrou and students are spending their final evening with host families. Tonight we had a final party where students and families talked about what they learned in their days together and had the opportunity to formally thank each other.

Mikkel appreciated how welcoming his host family was and the opportunity to speak some French with his host parents. He also enjoyed hanging out with his host brothers and exploring Azrou with them.

Joao was surprised by the similarities between Morocco and his home country of Brazil. He formed close bonds with his host brothers and made a “burnt toast” dish that was traditional to Brazil for his host family.

Philip jumped in right away to learning Arabic and used it as much as possible with his host family. He purchased a traditional jellaba and slippers, and at the party, his host mother thanked Phil personally for his dedication to learning about Moroccan culture and the Darija language.

Sydney used her French to connect with Hakima, her host mother, throughout the host family experience. She shared that she enjoyed dancing, doing henna, and even brought face masks to do as an activity with her host family. 

Birney was very excited about the homestay experience and bonded deeply with her host sister, Hanae. She most enjoyed trying on traditional kaftans and getting henna on her hands. Her family adoringly nick-named her “baby Birney” for her joyful presence in the family.

At the final party, Hannah shared that she overcame the language barrier to form a very tight bond with her host family. She praised her host mother’s warmth and hospitality and felt like she had a home in Azrou.

Esha grew very close with her two host sisters, Hiba and Qamar, and loved getting to know their friends outside of the house, as well. One of the friends gifted Esha and Hadley two headbands that they wore excitedly at the final party.

Hadley shared that she enjoyed family life with four siblings in her host home, as she didn’t grow up with as large of a family. She will greatly miss her host family and formed deep relationships with Hiba and Qamar, two of her host sisters (the two siblings closest to her age).

Tomorrow we will depart for Fez. Students will continue to write posts about their home stay experiences, as well as new adventures.


Htta l-ghda