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Photo by Ryan Kost, Andes & Amazon Semester.

Technology on Program

Hola a todos,

I wanted to write you this note to follow up on the technology policy that is outlined in the Participant Agreement. I think it’s important for you all to know why we have the policies and ideas that we ask you to agree to, the technology policy is a big one.

Digital communication technology has become a huge part of our lives. Most of spend some, if not a lot, of our daily lives connected digitally to friends, family, work, ect. This kind of communication has a lot of benefits and definitely makes certain things easier. It’s also one of the hallmarks of modern western culture. But make no mistake, all over the world this technology is not only present but everyday growing more and more available. Here in Bolivia you will see pretty much everyone under a certain age with a smart phone.

Unfortunately, this technology also comes with a cost. Through our lived experience we know that this kind of communication technology also has the tendency to pull us out of whatever is going on around us. Hours can go by in which we aren’t really aware of our surroundings outside of the digital communication. It even gets to the extreme that for some people it’s more comfortable to live in that digital world than in their true lives.

The whole idea of a Dragons program is to plug back into the world, to become part of the living surroundings. This is essentially why we ask that you not bring phones and other technological devices on program. For some of you this might be easy, for others maybe more difficult. Either way we ask that you please respect this policy.  It might be one of the only opportunities you get in your whole life to step back and have the experience of being without phones.

I can also tell you from my experience with students that this stepping away from the world of constant connection tends to consistently be one of the most rewarding parts of the experience. That being said, you will still have access to a phone to call home if you need one, you’ll have access to a group computer to post Yaks and you’ll be able to send emails from time to time.

As always, if you have any questions related to this, please feel free to get in touch with me and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

All my best,