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Tentative Itinerary

We are excited to present you with your tentative itinerary! Thank you for your patience as you eagerly waited to receive word about where your feet and adventurous souls might end up this summer.

Note — this itinerary may change. With flexibility, we can seize the opportunity to travel with locals, explore off-the-beaten-path places, and cater to the interests of the group. As instructors, we use the core curriculum and program components to create a course that is based on both our passions and your interests. It is important to expect and prepare to embrace change and the unknown. Trust that these changes happen with the intention of supporting each of you and your growth throughout the course.

With that being said, we present your tentative itinerary…

Kunming Arrival: 6/30

Welcome to China!

Kunming Area Orientation: 6/30-7/3

Kunming is a city with a population of over 6.2 million people. This will be our starting point. Although you won’t get to dive into the sprawling metropolis just yet, we’ll be settling in at our orientation site not far from the city. At orientation, we will spend time getting to know each other and China. You’ll set goals and intentions for the upcoming weeks, begin immersing ourselves in the Mandarin language, and explore the nearby sites.

Nanyao Homestay: 7/3-7/11

After orientation, we will hit the road and travel to Nanyao. We travel through Yunnan province and along some of the historic Tea Horse Road trade route to a small village situated in the mountains near the city of Lijiang. We’ll be staying with families who belong to the Naxi ethnic minority group. The Naxi use one of the last pictographic scripts still used today called Dongba; which you’ll see colorfully decorating buildings and homes around the village. During our homestay experience you might find yourself playing games with the neighborhood children, sitting in the courtyard helping to prepare meals with your homestay parents, or lending a hand with the family’s chickens. We’ll explore the nearby hills where evidence of animism decorate the trees and beautiful scenery awaits.

Travel (location TBD): 7/12-7/14

After departing our Nanyao homestay, we will journey on to another part of Yunnan. Get ready for an adventure! We’ll be hitting the road for some exciting travel days as we make our way back to Kunming.

Kunming Homestay: 7/15-7/24

The Kunming homestay experience is an exciting opportunity for you to connect with our host community, gain new perspectives, discover the difference between urban and rural living, and navigate spaces that are rapidly changing in the wake of new technologies and the “China dream.” You’ll be placed with a family eager to take part in a cultural exchange. Daily Mandarin language classes will inspire and challenge you to take your skills beyond the classroom.

Kunming-Beijing Flight: 7/24

Beijing Area Transference: 7/24-28

With only a few days left of our program, we visit a rural section of the Great Wall of China. Here, we engage in reflections of what we’ve learned and gained from our time together. We will prepare for our return home with ideas, plans, and inspiration to extend our trip far beyond the dates of this course with all of our gained insight, friendship, and experience.

Depart Beijing: 7/28

We look forward to meeting you all soon and taking on this adventure together!