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Tentative Itinerary

Hello everyone!

I hope that this finds you as excited as we are as the departure day for our Madagascar adventure draws closer. As you surely already know, we like to keep a slightly loose itinerary for our trips which will allow us to make changes as we go and take advantages of unexpected opportunities to explore Madagascar. That said, we (myself, Sidonie and Colin) have spent hours looking at maps, contacting families and guides and making plans to put together a six-week trip that will be incredible.

We know that you are probably getting a little anxious about where we will be going and what we will be doing and in light of that we wanted to post a general outline of where we will be traveling and staying during our time together in Madagascar.

Thanks and looking forward to seeing you all soon,

Micah, Sidonie, and Colin.


June 29–July 2: Arrive in Tana and head to Antsirabe for Orientation

We will be landing in the capital city of Madagascar in the mid afternoon and quickly leaving the city for the much quieter and more approachable city of Antsirabe where we will spend our first few days recovering from the long travel and time changes. Here we will spend time getting to know each other and the country as well as covering all of the safety and security protocols that are necessary to exploring and traveling in Madagascar.


July 2-4: Betafo

We will continue our orientation in the small hillside village of Betafo where we will learn about a small ethnicity of people that were driven from the Imerina kingdom at end of the 19thcentury and have been living in the hills outside of Antsirabe for over a hundred years.


July 5-12: Homestay in Ambatomanga

We will travel to another small highland village four our first homestay where we will live with and get to know the small subsistence farmers and cheesemakers that live in this idyllic Merina village.


July 12-19: Trekking in Isalo

After our first homestay we will travel for two days to reach Isalo National Park where we will spend 5 days trekking and camping in the beautiful park.


July 19-27: Homestay in Morondava

After Isalo we will make our way to Morondava on the west coast of the island. Here we will experience the Sakalava and Vezo cultures that are far more representative of Madagascar’s African heritage as opposed to the Indonesian cultures that still pervade the Highlands of Madagascar.


July 28-August 1: X-phase

At the conclusion of our second homestay you will be tasked with planning your own trip to somewhere in Madagascar. This is the part of the trip where you, as a group of students, will show everything that you have learned during our time together.


August 2—5: Ampefy for transference

After X-phase we will travel to the quiet lakeside town of Ampefy to wrap up our course, start to make sense of everything we have seen and learned. We will take time to reflect on our experience and say goodbye to each other and to Madagascar.


August 6-8: Antananarivo

We will return to Antananarivo for our last full day where we will explore some of the old city and shop for any last minute items that you don’t want to leave Madagascar without.