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The Great Wall

On June 27, our last day in Beijing, we visited the Great Wall of China. We got to eat lunch and dinner with a local family who lived by the section we went to. The family’s father used to be a well known chef in Beijing who moved to this village to escape the crazy village life, an action known as “agritainment”. The section of the wall that we went to is known as a wild section because it isn’t being maintained by the government, and therefore isn’t a tourist destination on the wall. The paths are filled with trees and the stones are all crumbling. Our hike up the hill was hot and humid, but we quickly ascended in just about 45 minutes. From there we went into the first tower and cooled off with water and snacks, and we took lots of pictures. Then we walked up the path through 3 more towers from 11AM-1PM. We were able to write a detailed reflection in the last tower, and then hiked all the way back down the mountain and ate our dinner and reflected with each other.