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Tiger Leaping Gorge day 1

Today was the first and longest leg of the Tiger Leaping Gorge trek. We had an early start to keep within our timeframe for the hike, and, after breakfast, we loaded into a small bus, which dropped the group off at the beginning of the trail. Today’s hike was in three parts: the morning part, the 28 bends, and the final stretch. The morning part took us from the beginning of the trail to our village lunch in about 2.5 hours. While it was a lot of uphill, the group was able push through. Putting the slowest hikers in the front allowed the entire group to keep a consistent pace, which made this leg easier, and the group had a cloud cover to cool down. Finally, we arrived at the village and entered a raised wooden building in which we ate lunch. After lunch came the 28 bends. This was the most difficult part of the first leg of the trek due to the steep trail, lots of stairs, and the cloud cover’s disappearance. Because this section was so difficult, we had to take frequent breaks to recharge. Many of us were left panting, but we made it through the 28 bends to a peak in the gorge. The view was worth it. We were on a rock outcropping, where there was a straight drop to the narrow river below. On the other side of the river were towering mountains with ice on top. A strong breeze whipped across the rock face, cooling the group down. We continued on across a flat path to the halfway house, our home for the night.