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Photo by Grace Powell, South America Semester.

Tiquipaya and Cochabamba

Hola Yak families! Caroline here. Today we explored the largest indoor market of all the Americas in Cochabamba with the help of our lovely Spanish teachers. My group was the least-experienced in the Spanish language, so we enjoyed learning the names of various fruits and vegetables in the market. However, I probably still could not tell you the majority of those confusing names. Anytime we passed by fried, buttery, or sugary food, I felt the need to try it. Now I understand why everyone walks so fast past the food sections of the market: resisting temptation.

Besides basic things, there were also odd things in the market like dried llama carcass, some type of animal brain, and a man traveling by unicycle. I bought some very good (muy bien!) Bolivian chocolate wafers before we left to eat lunch. After lunch, Luis treated us with some amazing gelato, and we headed back to the Dragons program house. Throughout the late afternoon, we enjoyed our chosen groups (the three were music, cooking, or weaving). I chose cooking because I thought it would make my mother proud.

Rachel, M.E., Logan, Eric, and I made cheese bread (pronounced kahn-ya-pays in its traditional Brazilian name, literally meaning “cheese bread”) in small, biscuit-like portions that tasted incredible, considering their simple ingredients. I will definitely be making it again back in the USA.

It is currently nighttime at my homestay and I am honestly too tired to continue (the really fun day wore me out). So, I will say goodnight, buenos noches, and chao! I cannot wait to see what future days (especially in La Paz) bring!


P.S. Hi mom and dad and brothers and family! I miss you and hope you are having fun at the beach (even though it might be hard without me).